When a building is benchmarked using Portfolio Manager, it receives an ENERGY STAR Score. A building’s ENERGY STAR score is a metric on a 1-100 scale that demonstrates how efficient a building is compared to similar buildings.

A score of 50 indicates average energy performance. Buildings with a score of 75 or better are in the top 25% of performers and can apply for the ENERGY STAR certification. Getting an ENERGY STAR certificate or award gives the building owner recognition for its energy and water efficiency, providing positive publicity and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Some building types are currently not eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR score, but can still benefit from benchmarking, as Portfolio Manager calculates other energy performance metrics such as weather-normalized energy-use intensity. See the list of property types that are eligible to receive a 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score.

Building owners and managers can also use Portfolio Manager to share the performance of their building with others such a consultants or peer groups.

 Portfolio Manager provides the following key metrics:  My Portfolio tab 101-11

  • Energy consumption (source, site, weather normalized)
  • Water consumption (indoor, outdoor)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (indirect, direct, total, avoided)
  • ENERGY STAR 1-to-100 score (available for 15 building types)